Salon Services

Front Range Offers Economic Options

Outsourcing laundry services presents a valuable opportunity for hair salons to streamline their operations, saving both time and money. The constant demand for fresh towels, capes, and salon linens can be a significant time sink for salon staff when managed in-house. By outsourcing laundry, salons can delegate this time-consuming task to professionals, allowing their team to focus on delivering top-notch hairstyling and customer service. Moreover, outsourcing eliminates the need for salon owners to invest in expensive laundry equipment, maintenance, and laundry supplies. This leads to substantial cost savings, as external laundry services often operate at scale, providing a more economical solution. By outsourcing laundry, hair salons not only optimize their time and resources but also ensure a consistent supply of impeccably cleaned linens, contributing to a hygienic and welcoming environment for clients.


Front Range Laundry distinguishes itself by offering a cost-effective and convenient solution of flat stacking towels. Recognizing the practicality and efficiency of flat stacking towels in various industries, Front Range Laundry provides this option at a discounted rate. Whether for gyms, salons, or hospitality services, businesses can benefit from the savings while still enjoying high-quality, professionally cleaned flat stacked towels. Front Range Laundry's commitment to affordability, coupled with their meticulous laundering process, ensures that clients receive not only a budget-friendly option but also towels that meet the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. This unique offering demonstrates Front Range Laundry's dedication to meeting the diverse needs of its clients while maintaining a focus on quality and cost-effectiveness.